I have been a professional surface/textile designer and illustrator living in the San Francisco Bay Area for the last 25 years. My interest in patterns started when I was a kid and I discovered the Altair pattern books. When I was in college I became obsessed with screen printing and block printing on fabric which later led me to working as a designer and illustrator in fashion, home furnishings and publishing. This blog was born out of my passion for patterns. All of the images posted (except where noted) are original photos or artwork. The photos were taken on my travels and (mostly) in my home environment – things we all see everyday and perhaps overlook. Look closely and you will see that patterns are everywhere. Some patterns were created by nature and others by humans. I’ve turned my attention to what’s out there everywhere.The very first images I photographed were during a trip to London in 2009. Since then I have amassed a huge collection of images. It’s time to share them! The other main feature of the blog is to share some of the original art that I’ve created and was inspired by the photographs. I wanted to dive into the experimentation and process that happens when there is no deadline (except self-imposed), no client and no rules! I hope that you enjoy them as much as I’ve enjoyed documenting and creating these images.

Karen Johnson


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