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San Francisco’s Chinatown

I used to joke that if I were to design a driving video game set in San Francisco, Chinatown would be the ultimate challenge of the game, the final level to be completed by only the most skilled drivers with zen-like patience and the agility of a cheetah and parking skills of, well, me.

Driving in Chinatown is probably best avoided because of its narrow one-way streets and throngs of pedestrians. But, if you ditch the car and slow down, you can see the texture of the place. It’s a world of vibrant colors and layers of brick, stone, gates, patterned doors, graffiti , stuff to buy and people.

I took these photos very early before most of the shops were open so I could get a clear view of the building facades. Even without the crowds you can see how lively the setting is. Check it out…without a car.

    FP_color2_chinatownFP_window1_graffiti2_grille2_chinatownPeking BazaarFP_brick1_chinatown

FP_brick2_chinatownchinatown pink bagFP_grille5_chinatownFP_color1_chinatownchinatown shit facedFP_color9_chinatownFP_color12_chinatownFP_door3_color7_chinatownFP_graffiti5_chinatownFP_wall1_chinatownFP_tile2_chinatownFP_tile5_chinatownFP_tile6_chinatownFP_tile4_color8_chinatownFP_wall2_brick2_chinatown