Bees in the Presidio

Plants 6 presidio final

flowers & bees from the presidio

Of the million things going on in the Presidio in San Francisco, this is one spot that was really hidden away. A bunch of greenhouses and tools for the gardeners who maintain the park was a magical spot to find.



There was also a giant ball of wax sculpture. Homage to the bees, perhaps.


presidio plants sketch

flowers & bees sketchbook


sketch in repeat


presidio flower painting

repainted with ink


bees repainted with ink


4 thoughts on “Bees in the Presidio

  1. Judith

    I love Lily Pad art 1 … I think I prefer it because it is so surprising … the second design is more familiar.
    And I really enjoyed seeing the photo of the bees on the flowers followed by your design … so creative. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂


  2. Edith

    That place clearly is so rich with inspiration! I love all that you tapped –the iron work, the bees, and the ball of wax is hilarious but it actually has a real elegance and earthiness. I like its refreshing, imperfect surface–so counter to the digital age.


    1. Karen Johnson Post author

      Thanks, Edith. You definitely are picking up on my conscious effort to expand from a digital look (even though I use photoshop as a grand tool!) and embrace the anomalies that make surface design look like it was made by humans. Looking at and photographing elements from nature and architectural elements that already live in the world is a good jumping off point for staying on that path.



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