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Lily pads at the Getty Villa

Come for the art, stay for the gardens! The Getty Villa houses part of the massive J. Paul Getty Collection and some beautiful grounds too. Wind your way up the hill to this intimate setting for viewing art with views of Mailbu beach below. Before the Getty Museum‘s expansion into West LA with the added big, beautiful space up in the hills, the Getty Villa was the only place to see the collection of antiquities and art. You could easily fill an inspiring day at each venue!


lily pad shadows

Check out the shadows on the bottom of the pool!  Incredible! And inexplicable. Any scientists want to explain this to me?

I also really like the patina colored algae on the bottom of the pool with its random dot pattern created from tossed coins.


multicolored lily pads

I couldn’t decide which design I like the best. Please vote!


Lily pad art 1


Lily pad art 2

Read more for instructions/ materials and more photos…

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London Calling: inspiration from the V&A

Taken during a 2010 trip to London, this image of an iron window grille was the catalyst for the Patterns Found blog project. I began documenting found patterns in every landscape. Architecture. Nature. Industry. Far from accidental, this particular piece of ironwork resides at the V&A Museum—a deliberate, beautiful artifact on display. If you can’t get there in person, check out their online database for inspiration. I don’t know of a richer resource for textile design inspiration.

London. It’s dear to me for many reasons. My short residence there in my 20s made me more self-assured and adventurous in all areas of my life. Forging out on my own, I had the pleasure of working in the tea room at the V&A Museum. Not only did I get to experience the culture on a much different level than if I’d been passing through as a tourist, but I was surrounded by incredible textiles, jewelry, costumes, and so much more that this wonderful museum holds in its massive collection. Decades later, with my son in tow for the first time, I returned to London. Seeing the city through his eyes renewed my perspective and helped me rediscover the city, the museum, and the visual contrasts in every corner.

*London grille 2 final1 lores

artwork inspired from ironwork, V&A museum, London 2014

This is the design I created inspired by the photo taken of the grille.

Read more for instructions/ materials and more photos…

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